Selepas lebih enam bulan berlaku pemberontakan di Libya, rejim Muammar Gaddafi akhirnya tumbang setelah kumpulan pemberontak berjaya menawan hampir seluruh bandar Tripoli, tetapi nasib pemimpin Libya itu masih menjadi tanda tanya.

Anak lelaki bongsu Gaddafi, Seif al-Islam ditangkap oleh pemberontak, manakala anak lelaki sulungnya, Mohammed Al-Gaddafi yang diwawancara oleh televisyen Al-Jazeera di kediamannya dilaporkan menyerah diri, tetapi nasib anak-anaknya yang lain masih tidak diketahui.

Gaddafi lost battle, finally surrendered

After 42 years at the helm of his sparsely-populated, oil-rich nation, Muammar Gaddafi - the Arab world's longest-ruling leader - finally lost his grip on power after a six-month uprising.

Gaddafi styled himself as Libya's "brother leader" and the "guide of the revolution," as an almost paternal figure looking after Libya's six million inhabitants. But in the hours after rebels stormed Tripoli, thousands of Libyans tore down regime posters, trampled images of Gaddafi, even riddled his likeness with bullets - an outpouring of anger directed at a man whose rule was often brutal.

His relationship with the rest of the world was erratic. For years, Gaddafi was a pariah, blamed for the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jumbo jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, which killed 270 people. After years of denial, Libya acknowledged responsibility and agreed to pay up to $10m to relatives of victims; Gaddafi also declared he would dismantle all weapons of mass destruction.

In February, one week into the uprising, Gaddafi vowed to die as a "martyr" on Libyan soilIn February, only weeks after street protests brought down the governments of Tunisia and Egypt, an uprising against Gaddaf's rule started in the country's east.

Days after it began, Gaddafi gave a televised speech in which he vowed to hunt down protesters "inch by inch, room by room, home by home, alleyway by alleyway."

The speech caused a furore that fuelled the armed rebellion against him; it has been since mocked in songs and spoofs across the Arab world.

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